Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

“Loo”k and see what we’ve done!

Yes folks, the Lonely Loo is lonely no more!

"Loo"k and see what we've done! 1

With a new vvaanniittyy (yes, it is a DOUBLE vanity!) and a soaking tub with an Aquatower shower unit, LL has taken on a new lease of life and is now proud to be a part of our most spectacular bathroom to date! Lonely is specially fond of the new body jets which he is certain his close friend Helen will want to experience. (Close? Well, we won’t go into that here….).

Lonely and Rose are looking forward to making lots of new friends over the next few years, but little do they know that just above them, Molly has been plotting to go one better than Rose! Watch this space for more news, but just to keep you interested…

"Loo"k and see what we've done! 2

YES! IT’S LONELY LOO TOO! er, I mean TWO!!! Is it a coincidence that LL2 is almost directly over LL? Well, yes, but keep watching anyway as the plot thickens!

(At this point I was going to put in an erudite quotation about a Rose. Unfortunately….. the first one i found was from Eleanor Roosevelt and the Rose that was named after her. When I stop laughing I’ll blog some more!)