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Titanic Exhibit – Whitaker Center – Harrisburg PA; Opens March 27

Titanic Exhibit - Whitaker Center - Harrisburg PA; Opens March 27 1

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
Beginning March 27

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition offers an opportunity for everyone to learn about an important historical event ─ as well as delve into the culture of the period and personal perspective of a passenger aboard the grandest Ship to set sail in the early 20th Century. Beginning on Saturday, March 27, guests will have the opportunity to relive the compelling human stories ─ this time through a larger version of Whitaker Center’s 2005 exhibition. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition features 150 legendary artifacts, none of which have been seen in Harrisburg before, and 11 of which have never been seen anywhere before; dramatic recreations of First-Class and Third-Class cabins; the famous iceberg wall; and authentic personal items recovered after 80 years on the ocean floor.

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