Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

May Day Ja Vu

May Day Ja Vu 1

In May 2010 a huge hailstorm hit Carlisle, leaving us with over $40,000 in insurance claims, and for a few minutes last night we thought we were in for more of the same!

May Day Ja Vu 2

Then we heard on ABC27 that we were under a tornado warning, so we moved to the middle of the building and waited as the storm passed over. We have NEVER before seen so much flooding in our parking area but fortunately it has gone by this morning!

Right now the sun is shining and it’s as though last night’s storm never happened. Really, life is pretty darn good in Carlisle, PA!!

Next weekend it is the Carlisle Ford Nationals show, and on Saturday evening June 4 there will be the First Annual Ford Parade of the finest 400 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles in a big street party in downtown Carlisle, right outside our doors. We still have just one room left for Saturday night, and as luck would have it it is the one with our latest new bathroom with the body jets, so why not come and enjoy the luxury of staying with us at the same time as you help us make history!