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Sandy Blows By 1

Sandy Blows By

8:30am Monday      Lucky for the Carlisle downtown, we in the South end got off lightly!  We did have the very heavy winds and stronger gusts, and of course the rain.  Fortunately though, no wind damage and even our old stone basement stayed dry.  The streets were fairly empty as the Mayor and Governor Corbett …

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May Day Ja Vu 8

May Day Ja Vu

In May 2010 a huge hailstorm hit Carlisle, leaving us with over $40,000 in insurance claims, and for a few minutes last night we thought we were in for more of the same! Then we heard on ABC27 that we were under a tornado warning, so we moved to the middle of the building and …

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Destination Charleston: Low Country AND LOW temperatures! 15

Destination Charleston: Low Country AND LOW temperatures!

On to the big conference….we headed to Charleston with visions of lovely weather and balmy skies….NOT! Rain and temps in the 20s and 30s but that didn’t dampen our conference experience or appetites.The Professional Association of Innkeepers International presented 4 days of intensive seminars with most interesting and useful ideas and techniques from dining rooms, …

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Carlisle Snowstorm 28

Carlisle Snowstorm

Yes, this area was really hit with about 20″. Many cancellations! We have only to enjoy it….it IS Winter in PA! Note the short parking meters and missing basement windows.

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