Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

After The Summer…

Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

Hello again, it’s been a long time since May and Summer! We’ve just had an amazingly busy high season and are beginning to slow down a little for the winter months. It’s time now to get on with all the little maintenance jobs that need doing, and to start the planning process for next year.

Speaking of which, for the last few years the State of Pennsylvania has promoted January as “Cabin Fever” month with a view to encouraging tourism in the Keystone State. This year for whatever reason (and who knows what reasons government agencies can come up with!) they are not doing it on a State level. We however are!

So for the entire month of January you can buy one night at the Carlisle House and get the second night of your stay free! Actually you can buy up to 15 nights and get 15 free if you want to stay the whole month!

This offer starts on the 1st of January, so why not combine it with New Year’s Eve here and get three nights for the price of two? You can enjoy all the fun of Carlisle’s First Night, culminating in the Mini-Indycar Drop and fireworks at midnight.

While you’re planning your winter trip to Carlisle I’ll be caulking, painting and otherwise fettling the Carlisle House ready for your visit!