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Color Vibe Coming to Carlisle – August 30

Color Vibe Coming to Carlisle - August 30 1
The newest most colorful world sensation!!!  Just heard from a guest living in Stuttgart that it has hit Europe too!
Color Vibe Coming to Carlisle - August 30 2
 Get ready Carlisle for the most colorful fun-filled
day of your life!  You’ll have more color on you than your happy levels
can handle! So get your friends and family stretched out for this amazing
color blast event where you’ll get blasted with color while you run
 Carlisle Color Vibe 5K

You’ll be blasted at every color station throughout this awesome 5K
run. Sign up fast, because spots are filling quickly and we have a limited
number of shirts available. So grab your girlfriends, your bro’s,
your friends, and your family cause we’re bringing a color fun
experience to your life that you never knew existed! So join us for
the Color Vibe 5K run in your city and get ready to be tagged with color!
The Color Vibe 5k run will be held at the 
U.S Army
Heritage and Education Center
  950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013