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Coyote Run & Barley Juice – Carlisle PA – Mar 12

Coyote Run & Barley Juice - Carlisle PA - Mar 12 1

Coyote Run & Barley Juice @ the Carlisle Theatre – Mar 12, 7:30 for a St Paddy’s Day concert!
Within a sweeping soundscape, Coyote Run engages the audience in story after story, whisking them away to celebrate the ancient Celtic springtime holiday of Beltane (Mayday), march side by side with the Scottish honor guard of Joan of Arc, roll out the guns against Sir Francis Drake, snatch back a faerie abductee, or defy the universe with the bold words of Invictus (the Unconquered). The stories are rich and compelling, the melodies are memorable and at once manage to be both familiar and original. Tight harmonies and soaring vocals telling tales from legend, history and myth are the hallmark of this band.

BarleyJuice, the group with a penchant for all that is “trad-rock” can, and are presently garnering affection and respect in the New World. Formed by Staten Islander Keith “Swanny” Swanson after a memorable stint with the now legendary Flailin’ Shelaleghs, the ‘Juice have brought traditional sounds a long way from their Ellis Island predecessors.

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