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Elevator life!

Elevator life! 1Elevator life! 2

From the elevator we can see the big world outside of our conference!  The Arkansas River before we go into the conference and then again when we come out!  We know there is more to see in Little Rock but we have been totally dedicated to our profession as innkeepers.  Until, that is, the sun goes down!  And then we change and become the social animals intent on having a good time with our peers!

Elevator life! 3Last night was a great example.  We spent a happy evening with great food and good (and generous!) drinks at the Clinton Presidential Library.  Unpolitically they had a remarkable exhibit called “Nathan Sawaya: Art of the Brick” with exhibits such as this one which is completely built with LEGO!!!

Politically it was interesting to step back 20 years and to compare then with now.

More to come soon.