Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

A Distinguished Inn of North America

A Distinguished Inn of North America 1

We are pleased to announce that our Carlisle House has been “selected” for inclusion in Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America.

The Association was founded in the late 1960s by Norman Simpson, the “father of country inn travel in America.” In his pioneering book, Country Inns and Back Roads, there were 12 properties listed, primarily in the New England region. Today, Select Registry represents approximately 400 of the finest country inns, B&Bs and unique small hotels from California to Nova Scotia – the very best the travel industry has to offer.

Perhaps the most important distinction between a Select Registry member inn and any other is their system of quality assurance. Select Registry carries out a regular quality assurance inspection of each of its nearly 400 inns. This program involves independent inspectors – not employees of Select Registry – with years of experience in the hospitality industry. The inspectors arrive anonymously, spend the night, and evaluate the inn based on a detailed ten-page point system, which translates into a pass/fail grade for the inn. Inns applying for membership are inspected periodically as are existing member inns.

We feel that this success validates our approach to inn-keeping, exemplified by our basic principles that “It should be a place where we would like to stay, offering extraordinary hospitality and concierge service with no extra charges, be they for parking, in-room beverages, or any other of the charges added by many hotels.” The quality assurance program also looks at the location – in this case Historic Downtown Carlisle – and the amenities available in the immediate vicinity, from the many boutique stores to the amazing selection of foods offered in Carlisle restaurants, and the innate attractions of our beautiful downtown and environs.

We are more than happy to share the credit with all our friends, colleagues and businesses in Carlisle who promote this town as a wonderful place to visit, stay, and enjoy.