Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

The Ski’s the Limit – Skiing around Carlisle

Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

It has come to our attention that some
people think that it is actually FUN to wax, shine, and then attach two
pieces of wood to their feet, and then to stand at the top of an icy
snowy slope and proceed downwards WITH NO BRAKES! 

Disregarding the sanity or otherwise of this practice, here in Carlisle we are just 35 minutes from Ski Roundtop, and an hour from Ski Liberty, and we have all these fabulous restaurants within walking distance to sip a drink, to nibble on tapas, or to enjoy a comforting aprés-ski dinner!

Remember that apart from skiing,
there is also snowboarding (apparently much the same, but with only one
piece of wood!), and snow tubing, where at least you are sitting on
something soft even if that also does not have any brakes!


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