Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

Tubby Kohler claims “I’ve been framed!”

Chief of Detectives Carlisle House was bubbling over with excitement today when he announced that Tubby Kohler had been placed in custody along with his shower of associates. Chief House was even more pleased just a couple of hours later when Tubby’s plea of insanity (he said he’d lost his marbles) was rejected as it turned out Tubby was actually surrounded by his marble back and walls.

Kohler is known far and wide as a smooth operator, but is so vain that he can’t resist telling all and sundry how good he looks. When Chief House heard this for a second time he arrested Kohler for Double Vanity.

Tubby Kohler claims “I’ve been framed!” 1

Sharing the credit with the rest of the Police Faucet, the Chief said “It’ll take more than a couple of body jets to wash this case away!”. Tubby was seen to smile quietly, knowing that among all his bling there were actually THREE body jets!

It was looking really bad for Tubby until his new lady friend, Rose Room, gave him an alibi, saying “He didn’t do whatever he did, ‘cos he was with me at the time, whenever it was, and if he did of done it he would be in hot water and that can’t be ‘cos EVERYBODY knows that the Hot Water is in HIM!”.

Chief Carlisle House was left reeling by this verbal onslaught, and was left with no choice but to let Tubby go with just the simple warning “I’ll be washing you!”