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3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Fall

3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Fall 1
Fall is the “apple of my eye”!
I love October.
The air is crisp in the mornings which is great for clearing your head during a
brisk walk and in the evenings, lending great times for a fire in the fire
pit on the patio. The colors are earthy, like the pink and orange sunsets and
the beautiful yellow and amber colored leaves on the trees and on the
chrysanthemums in the yards of the neighbors who seem extra likely to offer a good
day to you. The fruits from the orchards turn into warm, cozy spiced
deliciousness straight from the oven. Here are three ways we enjoy this
time of the year.
3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Fall 2
Find an Apple
At Shoaff’s Mill, in Little Buffalo State Park, on the third weekend in October, there is the Old Fashioned Apple Festival. A fully functioning mill where you can see how corn is ground and made into cracked corn and cornmeal (I asked where the grits were; being from the south that was a very important question). Apples
are made into apple butter right in front of your eyes in large copper pots
stirred by people who have obviously done this before and pressed into cider by
the century old water powered press. Enjoy live music and activities for the
whole family on your walk over to the lake.
3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Fall 3
Take a stroll around
Children’s Lake
This seven acre lake is
home to ducks and swans, our wonderful native brown trout and sits right beside
a part of the Appalachian Trail. With benches and many trees, it is a great
place to walk or just sit and enjoy the quaint houses and feed the ducks. With
activities like birding, boating, fishing and hiking, we always come away from
this lake feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself in the Fall 4
Pick a restaurant and enjoy
a seasonal special
Over 2 dozen restaurants
abound within walking distance of the front door. Mouthwatering smells will
lead you to the doors of these places of culinary delight. Many farm to table
options bring the plethora of winter squash and apple dishes from your fork to
your mouth fresh from farms within 10 miles of the town. Any door you choose
will leave you pleasantly satiated. That is why it is very hard for us to pick
a favorite. A short walk through a charming historical town will bring you back
to our door.
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