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Carlisle Road Diet Here!!

Carlisle Road Diet Here!! 1

Carlisle goes on a diet…a Road Diet! Yippee!

A “road diet” involves reducing the number of lanes in a road. In the case of Carlisle, it involves reducing High and Hanover Streets from 4 lanes to 3. Instead of two travel lanes in each direction, under a road diet we will have one travel lane in each direction, plus a dedicated lane in the center for left turns. The main reasons road diets are implemented are to “calm” traffic by reducing speeds, and to increase safety for motorists as well as other forms of transportation (walking, bicycling).

The line eraser trucks came yesterday to remove old and paint new lines. We now have the 3 lanes and the new digital video signal controls will be activated soon. Other segments of the traffic calming and people friendly plan include better and shorter crosswalks, bicycle lanes and signage on the interstates directing trucks around town! We can hear the “quiet” already and are thrilled!

Thanks Borough of Carlisle and Penn DOT!