Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

A strange, but somehow interesting guest…

Thanks to our granddaughter, Ryleigh, we had a guest last week whose name was “Flat Frosty” the Snowman. Frosty visited us to see how the weather in PA was different from the weather in VA. A strange, but somehow interesting guest... 1 He chose a great week to visit and took lots of facts and memories back to Ryleigh’s class! For once, we had less snow than VA, so we were able to take Frosty all over the place!He came to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, visited the Cumberland County Vietnam Vets memorial, and in fact did all the many different activities we squeeze into our time along with running the Carlisle House.Not to be missed was dinner at the Hamilton Restaurant where you have to already KNOW about their famous Hotchee Dogs, because they are not actually anywhere on the menu! Ryleigh’s dad, Sean, has been known to drive up from Virginia to get his Hotchee fix, and we totally understand why!

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