Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast

February 2011

Tomayto, Tomahto... 10

Tomayto, Tomahto…

Being English I often find myself pronouncing words differently from Americans. I assure them that it is actually my language, usually to hear the response that there are more Americans than English now, so that makes it THEIR language now. Be that as it may, there are one or two pronunciations that we can all …

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Clawfoot and the Boyz 12

Clawfoot and the Boyz

The Lonely Loo in an earlier blog post was left alone when Clawfoot the Tub decided to go out with the Boyz and leave the bathroom for ever. The “Boyz” in this case were Michael “Six-pack” Blumenthal and Alan “Six-pack? Mine’s a keg!” Duxbury. We manhandled the old cast-iron tub down the stairs and out …

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Two for one update 14

Two for one update

Don’t get excited! You have to wait for January and our annual “Two Nights for the Price of One” Cabin Fever Promotion!No, this post is to give you quick updates on Flat Frosty from the last post, and the Lonely Loo from the previous one.Before leaving PA to fly back to Virginia (or however the …

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The Lonely Loo 19

The Lonely Loo

Is there anything sadder than a Lonely Loo? Those of you who have stayed in our Rose Room may recognize the bathroom – or rather the “missing bath” room! Yes, I was heard to say that the winter months were quieter at the Carlisle House and wouldn’t it be nice if we could do one …

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All Bikers: Sturgis Road Show in So PA - April 15 21

All Bikers: Sturgis Road Show in So PA – April 15

The Sturgis Road Show Coming to Harrisburg PA on April 15th – 17th, 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. The Sturgis Road Show will include concerts on The Legendary Buffalo Chip Main Stage, food and drink in the Loud American Roadhouse, motorcycling sponsor and vendor displays, art presentations, custom motorcycles and competitions, fashion …

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